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Find any medicine you need without the stress of roaming. Get access to a pharmacist from any location.

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Home of all pharmacies

MedRx has a web platform which is like a warehouse for every pharmacy. Being the first of its kind which allows all pharmacies to connect with one another and share their products information. Our guarantee is that our knowledge is our power. Once that information is shared across board there’s a surety that what you may not need will be in dire need somewhere else.

Instant access to a Pharmacist

Sometimes patients do not need just medication but sound advice. Medrx makes this possible for every patient from the comfort of their homes to reach a pharmacist and interact discreetly and professionally at absolutely no cost to the patient.

Order your medications without stress

Patients can order whatever they need from pharmacies in one simple step without the need to worry about the availability in pharmacies because Medrx has already taken care of that. We provide essential data to ease every patients’ burden.

Get your medications delivered to you.

Delivery from pharmacies are seamless and instant. Once a patient goes through the ordering process, the next step for the pharmacy to send it across through a dispatch or Uber.

Easily find drugs closest to you

Scarce medications may not be stocked in all pharmacies and this has always been the challenge by patients when they receive such prescriptions. Medrx is a wholesome solution for every patient to always find exactly what doctors have prescribed.

Common platform for medical professionals and patients

MedRx mobile app is a utility tool which allows medical professionals and patients to access all that they may need from pharmacies. All medical professionals and patients are allowed to sign up by providing their own information. Numerous problems can be solved by this simple connectivity.


A bit more about MedRx

MedRx Limited is a pharmaceutical marketing startup in Ghana. We have two main goals for the medical industry worldwide.

The goals are:

  • To reduce the rate of morbidity and mortality among patients by ensuring 100% drug accessibility and medical knowledge sharing
  • To reduce to the barest minimum quantity of expiring drugs in pharmacies each year
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